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We are a trusted facility services & property  management provider. For nearly 7 years, the management staff of ​ROCAN GROUP has promoted a common sense approach to facility services, based on respect for each company's right to make informed, independing decisions when choosing their facility services provider. Facility services industry has became highly competitive, subject to continuous innovation and development, under pressure to reduce cost and to add value to the organizations. The discipline of facility management and the role of facility managers in particular are evolving to the extent that many managers have to operate at two levels: strategic-tactical and operational. In the former case, clients, customers and end-users need to be informed about the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost and business risk. In the latter, it is the role of a facility manager to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance plus the proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to function.

Why Rocan is your choice:

  • Staff trained initially by experienced personnel
  • Regular visit by supervisor with evaluation report provided for the client
  • Responding to last minute request
  • State of the art equipment is used (including professional vacuums with HEPA filtration, steam carpet machine)



More recent studies indicate that carpet can help protect indoor environmental quality|(IEQ) in a variety of settings because it acts like a sponge, absorbing airborne pollutants. Now further research has taken this a step further: Yes, carpet can help protect IEQ as long as it is properly maintained. This is because clean carpet helps to reduce the levels of airborne allergens and other particulates that can cause respiratory reactions. Our carpet cleaning process includes 6 steps:

1.Free no obligation quote

2.Agreed day, time &price

3.Vacumm carpet using HEPA professional vacumm

4.Pre - spray with eco friendly solution

5.Steam carpet cleaning process (hot water extraction)

6.Spot treat remain stains

​New research conducted reveals that office workers across North America are expressing a lack of confidence in how their building are cleaned, spurring facility managers to raise the bar for what is expected from janitorial service companies. Office workers believe that  unsanitary work environments are triggering sick days and decreased productivity. At Clean the Capital we are executing plans for being true partners with facility managers and delivering greater value. We are expressing concern about the cleanliness of our customers work spaces and we make sure we provide top - notch services. We also conduct regular inspections at your facility and we solve any complain in less than 24 h. Clean the Capital provides highly professional, comprehensive and cost-effective commercial cleaning services. Clean the Capital responds to and understands the specific needs of each client. We are efficient and cost effective which means our customer receive the best value for their money.



At Clean the Capital , only one person is assigned to the responsibility of cleaning your place. We devote time and effort to recruiting our personnel. After rigurous recruiting and background check, all new recruits must complete a training program with us.Those who demonstrate they have the qualities that the company's expect are added to our staff. An outgoing program of training is offered to all our employees to ensure they got the latest technics and skills from the industry. All staff members are bonded and covered by liability insurance. We provide customized maid services, that's mean it's entirely up to you how your cleaning visits are structured, you' ll be able to specify what are your priorities and your maid will gladly work from your priority list. In the case you have busy schedule you may leave the housework in our hands.










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